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CD(Lossless)SoundtracksAlan Menken - Pocahontas
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NameAlan Menken - Pocahontas (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[01:30]01.The Virginia Company
[02:34]02.Ship At Sea
[00:35]03.The Virginia Company
[01:46]04.Steady As The Beating Drum
[00:45]05.Steady As The Beating Drum
[02:27]06.Just Around The Riverbend
[01:27]07.Grandmother Willow
[01:07]08.Listen With Your Heart 1
[03:06]09.Mine, Mine, Mine
[02:44]10.Listen With Your Heart 2
[03:33]11.Colors Of The Wind
[01:54]14.I'll Never See Him Again
[01:11]16.Council Meeting
[00:51]17.Percy's Bath
[01:28]18.River's Edge
[01:30]20.Getting Acquainted
[01:46]21.Ratcliffe's Plan
[00:55]22.Picking Corn
[01:22]23.The Warriors Arrive
[01:14]24.John Smith Sneaks Out
[04:17]27.Colors Of The Wind
[04:12]28.If I Never Knew You
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