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Microsoft System Center Reporting Manager 2006

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NameSystem Center Reporting Manager 2006
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Product Description

System Center Reporting Manager 2006 consolidates your change and configuration information from SMS 2003 and your event and performance information from MOM 2005 to give you easy access to the reports you need to manage your enterprise.

If you are already using both SMS 2003 and MOM 2005, you can further benefit from the System Center Reporting Manager 2006 "better together" reports to understand how changes in your environment affect your system and service availability.

System Center Reporting Manager 2006 can help you run reports that:

• Locate underutilized servers and target them for elimination by comparing performance data in a server platform consolidation scenario.
• Support load-balancing decisions by providing information on server performance across specific workloads and identifying any excess capacity.
• Determine if hardware changes or software updates are responsible for causing an increased volume of server alerts.
• Compare server performance statistics over time in the context of specific software changes.
• Even if you use only one of our management tools, SMS 2003 or MOM 2005, System Center Reporting Manager 2006 can deliver an enhanced and simplified query and report authoring experience.
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