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MICROSOFTTools & ResourceMicrosoft Office Resource Kit - XP and 2000
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Product Details
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NameOffice Resource Kit - XP and 2000
File Nameork_cd.exe
Size114,050,560 bytes (108.7 MB)
Product Description

The Microsoft Office 2000 Resource Kit brings together a comprehensive set of tools and information. These tools and information are designed to help you deploy, support, and maintain Office 2000.

For Office XP, the Resource Kit has been updated with improved tools and the latest information on deployment and administrative support. Some areas of the kit have been expanded from Microsoft Office 2000, such as topics related to platform strategies, messaging, and worldwide support. Topics in other areas, such as migration and compatibility, have been greatly reduced, due to strong improvements in the product itself. Overall, the Office Resource Kit focuses on helping you get your organization up and running with Office XP in less time than ever.
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