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Product Details
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NameOffice Project Professional 2002
File Nameen_project_pro_2002a.iso
Size211,181,568 bytes (201.3 MB)
NameProject 2002 Multilanguage User Interface Pack (CD1)
LanguagesJapanese, Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified)
File Nameproject_2002_mui_cd1.exe
Size665,903,176 bytes (635 MB)
NameProject 2002 Multilanguage User Interface Pack (CD2)
LanguagesGerman, Korean, Hebrew
File Nameproject_2002_mui_cd2.exe
Size539,364,936 bytes (514.3 MB)
NameProject 2002 Multilanguage User Interface Pack (CD3)
LanguagesFrench, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
File Nameproject_2002_mui_cd3.exe
Size484,389,960 bytes (461.9 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft Project Professional 2002 has all the core project management features found in Microsoft Project Standard, so you can manage your project plans, communicate project status, and report project information quickly and efficiently. When used with Microsoft Project Server, it also includes enterprise resource management capabilities and portfolio management features, such as real-time reporting and scenario analysis tools. These tools enable project managers and business decision-makers to view project and resource information across their department or the entire organization.

Microsoft Project Server centrally stores the project and resource information published from Microsoft Project Professional. Microsoft Project Server extends this information to project teams through its Web portal, called Microsoft Project Web Access. You can then use Web Access's Resource Center to view, group, and edit resource information and even evaluate resource utilization and availability across multiple projects.

Note: To achieve the full benefit of the enterprise resource and portfolio management features, Microsoft Project Professional must be used with Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft Project Server Client Access License(s) (CALs).
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