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Frank Klepacki - The Music Of Command & Conquer(FLAC/APE/WAV)(Loseless)

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Product Details
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NameFrank Klepacki - The Music Of Command & Conquer (APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[06:24]01.Hell March
[03:54]04.Roll Out
[03:55]06.Twin Cannon
[05:36]07.Face The Enemy
[05:15]10.Big Foot
[01:50]12.Militant Force
Product Description
The game's original score was composed by Frank Klepacki and was voted the best video game soundtrack of 1996 by PC Gamer and Gameslice magazines. Among his most famous songs from the series is the theme of Red Alert, titled "Hell March", which accents the style of the game with adrenalized riffs of electric guitar, the sounds of marching feet, and synthesizers to a sampled drill command. Originally intended to be the theme for the Brotherhood of Nod faction in the Covert Operations expansion to the 1995 Command & Conquer, the track eventually ended up enlisting itself as a staple in the Red Alert series instead.
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