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Faye Richmonde - My Pussy Belongs to Daddy (Remastered)(FLAC/APE/WAV)(Loseless)

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NameFaye Richmonde - My Pussy Belongs to Daddy (Remastered)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[03:00]01.My Pussy Belongs to Daddy
[02:55]02.Sadies Still Got the Rag On
[03:19]03.I Want a Man to Give Me Some Luck
[02:39]04.I Tried It Everywhere
[03:12]05.She Sits Among the Cabbages and Peas
[02:41]06.Don't Give Me No Goose for Christmas
[02:49]07.He Forgot His Rubbers
[03:49]08.Hey Mister Ice Man
[02:49]09.Things Are Soft for Grandma
[03:49]10.Tony's Got Hot Nuts
Product Description
96kHz Sample Rate

Released in 1957 on the Beacon label run by the legendary producer Joe Davis - it was one of the first albums which captured the audience’s attention by means of double entendres in the songs. The release became one of the most eccentric and scandalous albums of its time and remains one of the most sought-after gems in the history of discography. It was unusual at the time for women to sing such explicit songs, and it may have helped bring the album into the spotlight and make it attractive to a wider audience. Despite many controversies and scandals due to its provocative title and its immediately recognizable raunchy cover, the album managed to find its fans and become one of the best-selling albums on the label.
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