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MICROSOFTInteractive MultimediaMicrosoft Musical Instruments
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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Musical Instruments
File NameMUSICAL_INS.iso
Size496,658,432 bytes (473.6 MB)
NameMicrosoft Musical Instruments
File NameMSINSTR.iso
Size431,284,224 bytes (411.3 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft Musical Instruments is another early example of exploratory music appreciation CAI. This program can be used effectively with elementary and middle school students, but includes much information that is more appropriate for high school and college students. More than 250 instruments are included in this program, with a picture, a description, a sound clip, and a aural pronunciation of each. The instruments can be sorted alphabetically, by families, by regions of the world, or by ensemble. Some of the more common instruments include more than one picture, with closeups of certain features, and additional sound clips demonstrating the instrument in various ensemble settings. An interesting feature is the Random button, which moves randomly from instrument to instrument, displaying the picture and description while playing the sound clip for each.
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