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Microsoft Ancient Lands
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NameMicrosoft Ancient Lands - Explore the Mysterious World of the Past
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Product Description

The ancient world is yours to explore. What was life like for soldiers? Servants? Kings? Discover, through rich images, sound, animation, and video, the mysteries and marvels of life in ancient times.The ancient world is yours to explore.

Discover the wonders of the ancient world, from the dawn of Egypt to the glory of Greece to the fall of Rome. Find out how people lived, and how their ways of life influence us today.

Experience ancient life with nearly 1,000 interactive articles, illustrated with full-color images and featuring hours of sound and narration. Watch as the past comes to life in video clips that both entertain and inform.

Explore on your own, listening to legends and stories of everyday life told by people of the times, or choose from fascinating narrated guided tours. Learn the most amazing facts - like why so many Egyptian paintings look alike - in narrated animations. Or turn discovery into doing with hands-on activities such as puzzles and matching games.
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