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Gore - Ultimate Soldier (2002)

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Product Details
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NameGore - Ultimate Soldier (1.45)(2002)
File NameGore.iso
Size686,921,728 bytes (655 MB)
NameGore - Ultimate Soldier (1.60.10)(Special Edition)(2008)
File NameGore - Special Edition v1.60.10.exe
Size536,932,306 bytes (512 MB)
Product Description

It's the mid-21st century. The planet has fallen into ruin as street gangs have grown so powerful that they control neighborhoods and the more powerful ones control entire cities. Desperately trying to reclaim power, the U.S. government develops a highly advanced combat training simulator.

In the world of Gore, you are a soldier who has just entered the training program. As you begin bootcamp, the gangs hack into the training simulation with intent to use it for themselves. What ensues is a life and death struggle that will determine the future of the entire planet.

On the 4th of July 2008, Gore: Special Edition was released free to the public and new levels, weapons, graphical and gameplay tweaks, and an automatic patch updater.
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