PC GAMEShootingHalf-Life - Blue Shift (BIN+CUE)(2001)
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Product Details
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NameHalf-Life - Blue Shift (BIN)(2001)
File NameBLUE_SHIFT.bin
Size713,194,608 bytes (680.1 MB)
NameHalf-Life - Blue Shift (CUE)(2001)
File NameBLUE_SHIFT.cue
Size855 bytes (855 B)
Product Description

Return to the Black Mesa complex in this additional Half-Life storyline. In this module, you play Barney Calhoun, a security officer working Blue Shift who is present at Black Mesa at the same time as Gordon Freeman. Your goal is to try to get out of Black Mesa alive as all hell breaks loose and reality is altered around you.
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