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Windows 95 OEM Sales and Support Reference

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NameWindows 95 OEM Sales and Support Reference
File NameCDROM.iso
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Product Description

Deploy 95 contains tools and information to help you analyze and plan for the migration to Windows 95.

 The Deployment Planning Guide helps you develop a technical plan that fits your organization. This includes the Corporate Planning Guide and the Guided Tour for Administrator’s. If you like, use the Sample Deployment Plan as a model.

 The Business Justification Tools help you analyze the financial impact of deploying Windows 95 in your organization. The Business Reasons for Upgrading to Windows 95 is an overview of how Windows 95 can help your organization increase the return on its computing investment. The Windows 95 Business Analysis Tool helps you determine the financial impact that Windows 95 will have on your organization.

 The Windows 95 Demonstration Kit provides the tool you need to present Windows 95 to your colleagues and management.

Hardware contains the Hardware Design Guide, a practical guide for developing Plug and Play PCs and peripherals.

Intro95 contains Introducing Windows 95. This 90-page guide provides a basic overview of Windows 95 from an end-user perspective.

Logo contains information on the Windows 95 Logo Program for PC Hardware Vendors.

Piracy has important information on U.S. and international law to help you with anti-piracy issues.

PlugPlay contains a catalog, guide and specifications for designing Plug and Play Pcs.

Rev95 contains the Windows 95 Reviewer’s Guide. This 350-page guide provides a complete overview of the features and benefits of Windows 95.

Setup is where you will find the handy search tool for this CD. Install it to look for any data contained on this CD by topic, audience, and type of information.

Training contains technical training courseware and a list of locations for Windows 95 Authorized Training Centers

Viewer95 contains a complimentary copy of MS Word Viewer that will allow you to view and print the documents on this CD if you do not own a copy of Word or a compatible word processor.

WRK95 contains the Windows 95 Resource Kit. This 1400-page guide provides all of the technical information on how to set-up, configure, and manage Windows 95 desktops.
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