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Ubik (BIN+CUE)(3CD)(1998)
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Product Details
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NameUbik (BIN)(CD1)(1998)
File NameUBIK1_3.bin
Size834,640,128 bytes (795.9 MB)
NameUbik (CUE)(CD1)(1998)
File NameUBIK1_3.cue
Size565 bytes (565 B)
NameUbik (BIN)(CD2)(1998)
File NameUBIK2_3.bin
Size505,647,072 bytes (482.2 MB)
NameUbik (CUE)(CD2)(1998)
File NameUBIK2_3.cue
Size524 bytes (524 B)
NameUbik (BIN)(CD3)(1998)
File NameUBIK3_3.bin
Size492,814,560 bytes (469.9 MB)
NameUbik (CUE)(CD3)(1998)
File NameUBIK3_3.cue
Size565 bytes (565 B)
Product Description

The game is based on the novel UBIK by Philip K. Dick. The player controls the main character from the book, called Joe Chip. He is working for a company called Runciter Associates in Los Angeles (in the year 2019), and his job is to protect companies against industrial spying from other companies. With genetic engineering and the development of replicants both sides have PSI-powers at hand to reach their targets.

In the game you lead, train and equip a squad of selected individuals (with various abilities, be it several kinds of weapon skills or PSI) through 3D-realtime rendered maps, where you sometimes can interact with your environment or even talk to some individuals. Connecting those missions are many rendered cinematic cutscenes.

UBIK might not work properly on XP or newer systems. In order for it to work, you should do one or all of the following:

first of all install the game with the setup.exe file compatibility set to windows 95. Then replace patch file for the game that helps it to run on faster systems. We will supply this patch. Now turn off DirectDraw from your DirectX Diagnostics Tool (go to start - run, type dxdiag, and click on display and the option should be there). Finally get a program for slowing down other programs (like Mo' Slo / CPUKiller). Start the game from it. With all this done it should finally work properly.
You install the game under compatibility mode because newer operating systems might not run it.
You apply the patch because the speed of the newer hardware can freeze the game.
You turn off DirectDraw because graphical glitches can show up with newer (faster) cards.
You use the slowing down program because the speed of the newer operating systems can make the game crawl and character movement so slow that he barely moves or he can't move at all in any direction.

The Best Solution Is: DOSBox + WIN95/98
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