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Return To Zork (BIN+CUE)(1993)
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Product Details
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NameReturn To Zork 1.1 (BIN)(1993)
File NameRTZ-CD.bin
Size450,638,496 bytes (429.7 MB)
NameReturn To Zork 1.1 (CUE)(1993)
File NameRTZ-CD.cue
Size1,097 bytes (1 KB)
NameReturn To Zork 1.2 (BIN)(1994)
File NameUNTITLED.bin
Size426,325,872 bytes (406.5 MB)
NameReturn To Zork 1.2 (CUE)(1994)
File NameUNTITLED.cue
Size1,111 bytes (1 KB)
Product Description

Return to Zork is a first-person adventure game using live actors and video sequences. The game is similar to Myst in interface; the player is also able to rotate the viewpoint to discover new areas and uncover items that can be used or picked up. Various characters will be met along the way and spoken to via a system of dialog choices. The game allows the player to experiment with items in various ways, including discharging them.
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