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SOFTWAREEducationalChronicle Encyclopedia of History (1997)
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NameChronicle Encyclopedia of History (1997)
File NameDKMM_CEOH.iso
Size673,206,272 bytes (642 MB)
Product Description

This is an absolutely wonderful disc.

The use of the term chronicle is notable, since it signifies the approach this CD takes in presenting history as a series of news events.

Although the complete disc is searchable, we found it far more enjoyable to browse through the many sections. The disc opens up in typical DK style, this time it is a cluttered Voyages Chamber. Click on flyby icons coming at you through the window to go directly to that topic or time period. If you prefer, move around the Chamber, selecting topics by clicking on icons. Click on a radio for some historical quotes, a book on scandals (Death of Pope who flaunted his mistress), or wind the handle of the gramophone for some music and musical history (Donizetti dies an imbecile). Browse the time line for major period events (Irish Parliament dissolves itself), and jump to a rotating series of sidebars that provide additional contemporary references (British ready to buy all the tea in China, electricity splits water). Not satisfied? Look at the big picture by visiting History in the Making, where you can get audiovisual overviews of major historical civilizations, religious movements, wars, events, and actors reading speeches, letters, and writings. There is also a biography of world notables section (with superb musical samples) that includes a chronology for each person and a narrated quote when applicable.

Bottom Line: A very up-to-date disc, this includes information as recent as the death of Princess Diana. It will provide primary and middle school students with hours of fascinating use. Highly recommended for home use as well.
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