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SEGA - Cyber Troopers Virtual On (BIN+CUE)(1997)

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Product Details
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NameSEGA - Cyber Troopers Virtual On (BIN)(1997)
File NameVIRTUAL-ON.bin
Size443,695,392 bytes (423.1 MB)
NameSEGA - Cyber Troopers Virtual On (BIN)(1997)
File NameVIRTUAL-ON.cue
Size1,163 bytes (1 KB)
Product Description

Get it on with Virtual On! The home port of Sega's arcade hit where you take control of gigantic, fully armored battle droids and duke it out against other droids in duel-like battles over a set of different arenas.

The game boasts 8 fully polygonal droids, each with his own strengths and weaponry and 10 different arenas with their own layout and traps.
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