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PC GAMEMiscellaneousTitan Quest Gold Edition (2007)(2DVD)
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Product Details
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NameTitan Quest Gold Edition - Titan Quest (2007)(DVD)
File NameTitan Quest.iso
Size3,386,146,816 bytes (3.15 GB)
NameTitan Quest Gold Edition - Immortal Throne (2007)(DVD)
File NameTQIT.iso
Size2,268,528,640 bytes (2.11 GB)
Product Description

Titan Quest Gold Edition is a role-playing action video game developed by Iron Lore Entertainment and published by THQ. Players take on the role of a hero, fighting monsters in three ancient, classical world settings including Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and the Silk Road/Asia. Titan Quest Gold Edition was published in 2007, containing copies of both "Titan Quest" and its expansion pack "Titan Quest: Immortal Throne"
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