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Corel Office Professional 7

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Product Details
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NameCorel Office Professional 7
PlatformWindows NT / 95
File NameOFFICE7_CD1.iso
Size583,790,592 bytes (556.7 MB)
Product Description

Offering the world's most innovative business software and a whole new dimension in power, functionality and Internet support, Corel Office Professional 7 is the first office suite that allows you to publish to the Java Language using Corel Barista technology. Corel Office Professional 7 gives you all this plus the most rebust set of industry-leading business applications available in an office suite.

This version of Corel Office 7 includes the rare 32-bit version of WordPerfect 7 ( that runs on NT 3.51 and other newer 9x and NT based OSes. The original WordPerfect 7 ONLY ran on Windows 95.

The CD also contains, Corel Quattro Pro 7, Corel Presentations 7, Corel InfoCentral 7, Paradox 7, Envoy 7, Corel Desktop Application Director, Corel Visual DTD, CorelDRAW 6, CorelFLOW 3, Sidekick 95, Corel Time Line, Dashboard 95, Groupwise 4.1, and Netscape Navigator 2.01.

Note that when setup asks for a serial number, any number will work.
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