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Sybari Antigen for Sharepoint 8.0 (2006)
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NameSybari Antigen for Sharepoint 8.0 (2006)
File NameCD_ROM.iso
Size261,959,680 bytes (249.8 MB)
Product Description

The powerful file sharing and collaboration tools that make Microsoft SharePoint a premier groupware solution, also permit viruses to proliferate rapidly throughout an organization. In SharePoint, viruses can exist in documents saved in the various content sources, which may include public folders, workspaces, and websites, but traditional antivirus technology cannot monitor or scan the contents of these diverse storage units. SharePoint environments require an antivirus solution that can prevent the spread of viruses by scanning all documents in real-time as they are accessed or stored while not impacting server performance. Antigen is the solution for the SharePoint virus problem.

Antigen is designed to protect servers running Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows Sharepoint Services 2.0.
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