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Soldier of Fortune Platinum Edition (1.07f)(2001)
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NameSoldier of Fortune Platinum Edition (1.07f)(2001)
File NameSofplat.iso
Size666,755,072 bytes (635.8 MB)
Product Description

A terrorist organization has stolen nuclear weapons from a facility in Russia, intending to sell them to various third-world nations, initiating a global conflict. The player takes the role of John Mullins, a US mercenary working for an organization known as "The Shop". The goal is simple: hunt the villains across the globe, thwart their evil plans, and save the world!

Like most 3D shooters, Soldier of Fortune consists mainly of exploring the environments and killing the enemies that try to impede the player's progress. It is one of the first shooters to isolate over 20 different body regions and show/inflict damage to those regions. For example, if the player character shoots an enemy in the foot, the enemy will limp. The game was also notable for including realistic gore animations resulting from the injuries sustained by the enemies.

In this Platinum Edition of Soldier of Fortune, you get the full retail version plus all new multi-player levels, GameSpy support and an exclusive look at the sequel, Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix. Plus, in this version of Soldier of Fortune, you will find some bonus contents on the game disc, like artworks of game's characters and weapons. There is also the manual of the game in digital format.

Play Soldier of Fortune on Windows 7/8/10, go into your Soldier of Fortune game folder. Make a copy of the SoF.exe and repaste it to make another copy. Rename the new file as mohaa.exe, run mohaa.exe.
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