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PC GAMEStrategySurvival - The Ultimate Challenge (BIN+CUE)(2001)
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Product Details
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NameSurvival - The Ultimate Challenge (BIN)(2001)
File NameSURVIVAL.bin
Size801,469,872 bytes (764.3 MB)
NameSurvival - The Ultimate Challenge (CUE)(2001)
File NameSURVIVAL.cue
Size484 bytes (484 B)
Product Description

Survival is a a real time strategy simulation that challenges the user to help stranded victims survive in a remote location with a variety of challenges.

Each level in the game begins with a transportation accident that leaves several randomly selected characters in a desolate location and then challenges the user to keep them alive and find a way for them to escape or be rescued.

The player is in control of every action the characters do - from eating and sleeping to collecting supplies, making tools, and building shelter. The locations can provide a variety of challenges, from dangerous animals to snowy mountainsides. The goal is to either get rescued by making a help sign or bonfire, or by sending a strong few off in search of help.
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