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MICROSOFTDeveloper ToolMicrosoft Windows CE Platform Builder 2.11
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Product Details
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NameWindows CE Platform Builder 2.11 (CD 1)
File NameMSWCEPB_D1.iso
Size561,174,528 bytes (535.1 MB)
NameWindows CE Platform Builder 2.11 (CD 2)
File NameMSWCEPB_D2.iso
Size646,797,312 bytes (616.8 MB)
NameWindows CE Platform Builder 2.11 (CD 3)
File NameMSWCEPB_D3.iso
Size642,777,088 bytes (613 MB)
NameWindows CE Platform Builder 2.11 (CD 4)
File NameMSWCEPB_D4.iso
Size506,425,344 bytes (482.9 MB)
Product Description

The Microsoft Windows CE Platform Builder includes everything you need to create advanced embedded solutions based on the Windows CE 2.11 operating system. You can create a custom configuration of the Windows CE operating system, including only the modules you need for your hardware platform. Use the included sample device driver code, C/C++ cross-compilers, and assemblers to write device drivers for your hardware devices. Sample OS builds help you quickly understand how to configure your customized Windows CE-based embedded system. All of the tools included allow you to put your configured Windows CE OS and application code into an EPROM, or to download it onto your target system and debug it from your development PC using the remote debugging tools.
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