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Real War - Rogue States (2002)
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NameReal War - Rogue States (2002)
Size516,701,472 bytes (492.7 MB)
Product Description

This is an expansion/sequel to Real War with new features. Rogue States picks up where Real War left off. The Independent Liberation Army (ILA) is back again and has managed to get their hands on some of the newest technology. Of course the United States has to come in deal with the ILA.

Some of the features are:

Component Command Multiplayer: players can play in co-op where one controls the land forces while the other controls the air forces.

14 New Units: including advanced fighters, amphibious tanks, railguns, and remote gun turrets.

New Multiplayer and Skirmish Modes: includes air-only maps, alliances, selectable starting resources, and more.

14 new campaigns, 20 new skirmish maps and much more.
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