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Michael Jackson & Friends Munich 1999 (ZDF)(Unofficial)(DVD)

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NameMichael Jackson & Friends - Munich 1999 (ZDF)(Unofficial)(DVD)
File NameMunich.iso
Run Time42 min
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Product Description

Michael Jackson & Friends were concerts held by American recording artist Michael Jackson in 1999, with numerous other performers as well. The purpose of the tour was to raise funds for children in Kosovo, Africa and elsewhere. Jackson gave two concerts during the tour. The first one took place in Seoul, South Korea on June 25 and the second one was in Munich, Germany June 27th.

At the Munich Concert, while performing "Earth Song", the middle section of the bridge collapsed after ascending into the air. Jackson climbed out of the pit that the mechanism landed in, and continued the song without missing a beat. The guitarist Slash was front and center on the main stage at the time: he also continued his performance without missing a beat, while dashing upstage to safety. Jackson finished the concert, but was taken to the Rechts der Isar Hospital afterwards. He suffered sprained ankle, shock nerves and slight burns on arms. None of the fans, crew or backup performers were injured.

03.Billie Jean
05.Earth Song
06.You Are Not Alone
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