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PC GAMEStrategyCodename Panzers - Phase One (1.08)(2004)(3CD)
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Product Details
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NameCodename Panzers - Phase One (1.08)(2004)(CD1)
File NamePANZERS_1_3.iso
Size614,793,216 bytes (586.3 MB)
NameCodename Panzers - Phase One (1.08)(2004)(CD2)
File NamePANZERS_2_3.iso
Size614,803,456 bytes (586.3 MB)
NameCodename Panzers - Phase One (1.08)(2004)(CD3)
File NamePANZERS_3_3.iso
Size716,892,160 bytes (683.6 MB)
Product Description

Codename: Panzers - Phase One is a tactical real-time strategy game which takes place during World War II. The game offers three campaigns (German, Soviet, and Allied) with a total of 30 missions.

Since this is a tactical game, the player does not need to bother with resource management. A campaign is started with a predefined number of troops. More troops can be acquired through investing Prestige Points, which are handed out for completing mission objectives (primary, secondary or hidden ones). Units that are killed during a mission will be replaced in the next mission when playing on easy or normal difficulty, but no so on hard.

Ammo is not unlimited, but there are ammo trucks for limited reloading. Repair vehicles also have a limited amount of hit points they can repair.

In total, the player controls over 50 different units. Besides the tanks and infantry units, there are medics, ammo trucks and repair vehicles. It's also possible to call for scouts, fighters, and bombers, but each mission has an air unit limit.
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