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Product Details
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NameCorelDRAW 8.0 (CD1)
File NameCD8_Program.iso
Size640,509,952 bytes (610.8 MB)
NameCorelDRAW 8.0 (CD2)
File NameCD8_CLIPART.iso
Size651,778,048 bytes (621.5 MB)
NameCorelDRAW 8.0 (CD3)
File NameCD8_PHOTOS.iso
Size502,339,584 bytes (479 MB)
Product Description

CorelDRAW 8 is a vector image editor that has been developed by Corel. This version of CorelDRAW was introduced on 27th October, 1997. CorelDRAW has been providing its services to the designers for quite a while now. It its providing the designers some compelling tools which has made the designer's job very easy.

CorelDRAW 8 has got a very simple and intuitive user interface which will help the users to complete their projects easily and efficiently. Some of the notable features of CorelDRAW 8 are as follows. CorelDRAW 8 supports the docker windows and when it comes to the colors it supports interactive color mixing. It has also got a color palette editor which will allow you to select any color of your choice. CorelDRAW 8 has got various different tools which include 3D and Envelope tools and Realistic Dropshadow tool. All in all CorelDRAW 8 is a very handy vector image editor which will allow you to create some very impressive drawings.
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