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The King of Soundtracks '94-XIII (4CD+1CD)(FLAC/APE/WAV)(Loseless)

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NameThe King of Soundtracks '94-XIII (CD1)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[02:07]01.SNK - Ne!
[02:30]02.ATLUS - Napolitan Blues
[02:39]03.ATLUS - Jungle Bouncer
[02:45]04.ATLUS - Slum No.5
[02:34]05.SNK - Kecchaku R&D
[01:07]06.SNK - Pre Bon [Long Version]
[03:34]07.ATLUS - Ryuko To Ken ~Yureru Otoko Gokoro~
[02:29]08.ATLUS - Club-M ~Aozora Ni Flute~
[01:50]09.ATLUS - Senritsu No Dora
[01:48]10.ATLUS - Chi Wo Hau Base
[02:38]11.ATLUS - HAL To Base To Melody To
[02:08]12.ATLUS - The Sunset Sky Part6 ~Liebe
[02:48]13.ATLUS - Rumbling On The City
[03:19]14.ATLUS - Esaka?
[02:51]15.ATLUS - Psycho Soldier (Remix'96)
[02:40]16.ATLUS - Geese Ni Katakori
[03:46]17.ATLUS - Dust Man
[02:28]18.ATLUS - Requiem In D Minor, K. 626 Dies Irae
[02:28]19.ATLUS - Self
[03:26]20.SNK - Bloody
[02:50]21.ATLUS - Cool JAM ~Arashi No Saxophone 3~
[03:44]22.ATLUS - Blue Mary's Blues
[02:44]23.SNK - Still Green
[02:50]24.SNK - Rhythmic Hallucination
[02:45]25.ATLUS - The Origin Of Mind
[03:02]26.ATLUS - Soul Road -Kof96-
[03:41]27.ATLUS - Esaka -Kofxi-
NameThe King of Soundtracks '94-XIII (CD2)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[02:02]01.Kurikinton [Gomame Guitar Ver.]
[03:00]03.London March
[02:48]05.In Spite Of One's Age
[03:16]06.Fanatic Waltz
[02:58]07.Mad Fantasy
[02:55]10.176th Street
[03:29]12.The Way To Rebirth
[03:56]14.Dear Falling Angel
[03:08]16.Inner Shade
[04:16]18.Ice Place
[02:00]19.Dream Eater
[02:59]20.Crystal (TypeA)
[02:01]21.Big Pain
[01:31]22.Muteki No Hono-O
[01:34]23.The Queen Of Fighters
[03:09]24.Nests: Yami No Shihaisha
[02:08]25.Warekoso Saikyo
NameThe King of Soundtracks '94-XIII (CD3)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[03:45]01.Deserted Town
[02:17]02.Tacos Dance
[02:12]03.Yuuwaku No Toki
[04:07]04.Last Dance
[03:04]05.Festive Mood
[04:16]06.Splendid Evil
[03:31]11.Kakumei No Etude ~Rii
[02:12]12.Kiss Or Poison
[02:07]13.Secret Circumstances
[02:23]17.An Improvised Concerto
[03:54]19.The Myths Of Geb
[02:05]20.Cafe Au Lait Au Gout De La Victoire
[03:03]21.Matryoshka Dance
[03:50]22.Theme Of Xii-2
[03:18]23.Pure ~At Good Old Days~ -Kofxi-
[03:07]24.Arashi No Saxophone -Kofxi-
NameThe King of Soundtracks '94-XIII (CD4)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[03:10]01.The Second Joker
[03:00]02.Each Promise
[02:55]03.Esaka Continues...
[02:41]04.Wild Street
[02:54]05.Purity Soldiers
[02:59]06.Irregular Mission
[02:57]07.Who Is Queen?
[03:41]08.Arashi No Saxophone 5
[03:12]09.Kyokugen Shugyou! -Yamagomori-
[03:22]10.Tame A Bad Boy
[02:13]14.London March -Arranged-
[02:27]15.Toki Wo Suberu Mono
[03:10]16.Joker -Kofxi-
[03:06]17.Queen -Kofxi-
[03:09]18.Street Dancer -Kofxi-
[03:18]19.Smell Of Gunpowder -Kofxi-
[02:33]20.I'm Hot For You -Kof2003-
[03:06]21.After A Long Absence -Kofxi-
[03:02]22.Kdd-0075 -Kofxi-
[02:34]23.Geese Ni Katakori -Arranged-
[03:30]24.Fate -Arranged-
[01:14]25.Staffroll -Consumer-
NameThe King of Soundtracks '94-XIII (CD5)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[02:18]01.KOF '94: ESAKA
[02:05]02.KOF '94: Ryuko no Hen
[02:03]03.KOF '95: Guitar to Omega to Rugal to
[02:28]04.KOF '96: Kamikiri-mushi
[02:50]05.KOF '97: CONTROL CRISIS
[03:26]06.KOF '98: Soul Town
[03:21]07.KOF '98: ESAKA FOREVER
[03:31]08.KOF '99: Psycho Sonic Trip ~Dance At The Paddy Field~
[02:27]09.KOF '99: Sadistic Eyes
[03:04]10.KOF 2000: WILD PARTY
[03:05]11.KOF 2000: Beauty & The Beast
[02:56]12.KOF 2000: TERRY115
[03:06]13.KOF 2000: Stormy Scream
[02:33]14.KOF 2002: NAPOLITAN TRANCE
[03:08]15.KOF 2003: Cool Jam 2
[03:22]16.KOF 2003: Prolongation
[03:02]17.KOF XI: New Order
[02:43]18.KOF XI: Jack
[03:14]19.KOF XII: Theme of XII-1
[01:44]20.KOF XII: Bye-bye
[03:03]21.KOF XIII: Good Bye Esaka -Arranged Version-
[03:25]22.KOF XIII: Arashi no Saxophone 2 -Arranged Version-
[02:51]23.KOF XIII: The Tengu Show -Arranged Version-
[06:08]24.KOF XII: Theme of XII Medley
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