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Street Fighter II Collector's Box (5th Anniversary)(3CD)(FLAC/APE/WAV)(Loseless)
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NameStreet Fighter II Collector's Box (5th Anniversary)(Perfect Original Version)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[00:38]02.Player Select
[01:45]04.Ryu (Japan)
[00:59]05.Hurry Up Ryu
[00:06]06.Winner And Loser
[02:13]07.Ken (U.S.A)
[01:17]08.Hurry Up Ken
[01:57]09.Chun-Li (China)
[00:55]10.Hurry Up Chun-Li
[02:12]11.E.Honda (Japan)
[01:01]12.Hurry Up E.Honda
[00:04]13.Here Comes A New Challenger
[00:30]14.Bonus State
[02:24]15.Guile (U.S.A)
[01:44]16.Hurry Up Guile
[01:55]17.Zangief (U.S.S.R.)
[00:57]18.Hurry Up Zangief
[01:57]19.Blanka (Brazil)
[00:52]20.Hurry Up Blanka
[01:23]21.Dhalsim (India)
[01:40]22.Hurry Up Dhalsim
[01:51]23.M.Bison (U.S.A.)
[00:56]24.Hurry Up M.Bison
[01:55]25.Balrog (Spain)
[01:34]26.Hurry Up Balrog
[01:32]27.Sagat (Thaiand)
[00:48]28.Hurry Up Sagat
[02:18]29.Vega (Thailand)
[01:49]30.Hurry Up Vega
[01:00]31.Ryu's Ending
[01:46]32.Ken's Ending
[01:49]33.Chun-Li's Ending
[00:58]34.E.Honda's Ending
[00:59]35.Guile's Ending
[00:29]36.Zangief's Ending
[00:40]37.Blanka's Ending
[00:33]38.Dhalsim's Ending
[01:02]39.For Devas Ending
[02:08]40.Staff Roll
[00:04]42.Game Over
[01:15]44.Voice Collection I
[01:11]45.Voice Collection II
[01:25]46.Sound Effect Collection
NameStreet Fighter II Collector's Box (5th Anniversary)(Instrumental Arrange Version)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[04:47]01.Spring Thunder
[03:30]02.Theme Of World Warriors (Title Demo)
[03:58]03.Go Flying Through The Air (Ryu)
[04:15]04.Meditations Of Yogi (Dhalsim)
[04:04]05.Solid And Tough (Zangief)
[06:11]06.Power Of Four (Four Devas of Medley)
[04:15]07.He Is A Japanese 'Sumo' Wrestler (E.Honda)
[04:01]08.A Violent Emotion (Guile)
[04:48]09.To Your Heart With Passion (Chun-Li)
[04:11]10.The Naked Man (Blanka)
[04:21]11.Fight It Out (Ken)
[09:25]12.Street Fighter II Medley'92 Gmf Version
NameStreet Fighter II Collector's Box (5th Anniversary)(Vocal Arrange Version)(APE)(FLAC)(Lossless)
Track listing
[05:12]01.A Potion for Dreams (Spinning Long Version)
[04:25]02.Crimson First - Burning Blood
[04:04]03.Blanka Came To Town!!
[03:36]04.A Thrust of the Hand - Spirit of Japan
[04:31]05.Lonely Wolf
[04:22]06.Faraway India
[03:19]07.Terror! Vacuum Man!!
[04:49]08.Become the Storm (Tornado Intro Version)
[04:42]09.Bison's Dream
[04:04]10.Masked Narcissist
[03:05]11.Tiger Legend
[03:58]12.Silent Gravestone
[04:02]13.Ready to Fight! (Street Fighter II' Staff Roll)
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