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SOFTWAREApplicationPixela ImageMixer Ver. 1.0 for Sony
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Product Details
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NamePixela ImageMixer Ver. 1.0 for Sony
File NameImageMixer.iso
Size252,258,304 bytes (240.5 MB)
Product Description

ImageMixer is a brand name of video editing software that edits digital video and still image in camcorders and authors to VCD and DVD. It is a second-party Japanese product, distributed by Pixela Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of PC peripheral hardware and multimedia software.

ImageMixer is widely used for several camcorder brands, such as Sony, JVC, Panasonic, Hitachi, FujiFilm, Toshiba and Canon. Also, Sony has chosen to package ImageMixer with its DVD and HDD Handycam.

  Windows(R)98/Windows(R)98 Second Edition/Windows(R)Millennium Edition/
  Windows(R)2000 Professional/Windows(R)XP Home Edition/
  Windows(R)XP Professional (IBM PC/AT compatible)
  (In Windows(R)98 and Windows(R)98 Second Edition, DV (IEEE1394) capturing is not supported. In Windows(R)98, USB capturing is not supported)

  DirectX 8.0 or later

  Intel MMX(R)Pentium(R) 200MHz or faster.
  (Pentium(R)III 500MHz or faster for capturing a movie via USB or IEEE1394. Pentium(R)III 800MHz or faster is recommended.)

  16-bit stereo sound card with stereo speakers

  64MB or more

  Approx. 200MB for program, 1GB or more of free space recommended for work space

  4MB or more of VRAM, minimum of 800x600 at 16-bit hi-color (65,000 colors);
  Direct Draw driver compatible ImageMixer will not run correctly in a screen area of less than 800 x 600, or in less than 256 colors.

Other Conditions
  DirectX must be installed.
  If the standard Windows fonts are not installed on the system, characters will not be displayed correctly.
  Internet Explorer 4.0 or later installed.
  To install and use this software in Windows(R)2000 you must be authorized as a Power User or Administrator; for Windows(R)XP you must be authorized as an Administrator.
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