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TIME Almana 1995

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NameTIME Almana 1995
File NameTIME95AOL_1.iso
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Product Description

Welcome to the 1995 TIME Almanac, a comprehensive multimedia reference source for news and current events as reported in TIME magazine and illustrated with photographs, graphic charts, maps, TIME covers, and videos. With the attractive graphic interface, you gain access to...

a Weekly Issues section containing the full text of TIME magazine, 1989 through 1994, and selected TIME covers and graphic charts augment with current events videos;

a Decades section highlighting the top stories of each decade from the 1900s through 1980s as reported in TIME magazine, with in-depth portraits of prominent people, cover stories of men and women featured as TIME Man of the Year, and coverage of US presidential elections illustrated with historic photos, films, and newsreels;

a three-part Almanac of the United States and the world, with thousands of informative articles, graphic and text charts, and maps from the US Statistical Abstract, the Congressional Directory, and the CIA World Factbook;

four multimedia special reports about Politics in America, Global Politics, the Environment, and Diversity.

two anniversary Timelines highlighting the End of World War II in 1945 and social and cultural changes in 1970.

NewsQuest, a challenging news quiz game with more than 2,500 questions and quotes from TIME magazine.
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