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The Story of Chinese Characters (DVD)

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NameThe Story of Chinese Characters (DVD)
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It is very well to say that Chinese written characters have nurtured Chinese civilization. Without these characters, the brilliant Chinese civilization is impossible.

Among thousands of the languages in the world, the Chinese written characters are among the oldest. While ancient Egyptian and Babylonian ones have long disappeared, Chinese characters are still used today, being the only ideography that has come down in history.

The origin of the Chinese written characters is legendary. The story of the four-eyed Cang Ji creating characters has been told widely since ancient antiquity.

Chinese written characters possess a poetic charm, exuberant imagination, interesting forms and a unique and beautiful structure.

All these make Chinese calligraphy artistically fascinating. The unity of China also owes much to these characters, for beginning from Qin and Han periods, these unified characters have served as faithful guards protecting the nation's honor, pride and unity.

As an important carrier of culture, Chinese written characters have facilitated the formation of Chinese cultural spheres in the world. What is more, Chinese written characters are easily digitalized and good for software making.
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