MICROSOFTApplicationMicrosoft Internet Explorer - Compilation CD (1996)
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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Internet Explorer - Compilation CD (1996)
File NameInternet.iso
Size499,077,120 bytes (475.9 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft Internet Explorer - Compilation CD


Microsoft IE v3.0 (bld 1086) for Win NTx86 v4.0
Microsoft IE v3.0 (bld 1086) for Win 95
Microsoft IE v1.5 for Win NT x86 v3.51
Microsoft IE v2.0 for Win 95
Microsoft IE v2.01 for Win 3.1
Windows NT Server and Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Beta 2, build 4.00.1314 with IIS 2
Windows NT 3.51 Service Pack 4
Internet Information Server (IIS) 1
ActiveX Development Kit
Internet Assistants
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