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D.I.R.T. - Origin of the Species (Eva Cash - Project Dirt)
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Product Details
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NameD.I.R.T. - Origin of the Species (Eva Cash - Project Dirt)(DVD)(2006)
File NameDIRT.iso
Size4,648,275,968 bytes (4.32 GB)
Product Description

In D.I.R.T.: Origin of the Species the player takes the role of Eva Cash, called Dirt, who gets knocked out after a party. She wakes up in a prison cell and the first thing she sees is a gigantic bug who eats a dead policemen. Now her quest is to find out what happened to her.

This game is a typical third-person-shooter. Eva walks through mostly linear levels on the search of the exit. Of course she has to kill a lot of opposition on the way which consists either of bugs or humans. To achieve this goal Eva either uses standard weaponry or her PSI abilities, e.g. telekinesis or remote control bullets. Sometimes there are also small switch puzzles. After every level the player gets rated and receives points which can be reinvested into new weapons or ammo.

The game won the 4Players award for 2007 – Worst Game of the Year.
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