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Microsoft Office XP Partner Guide

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NameMicrosoft Office XP Partner Guide
File NameOFFICE_XP_PG_CD.iso
Size640,622,592 bytes (610.9 MB)
Product Description

Welcome to the Microsoft Office XP Partner Guide.

This guide contains the tools and resources you need to plan, develop, and implement solutions.

The guide is organized in "role-based" sections to deliver the right information to the right people in your organization.

Microsoft Office XP is the desktop productivity solution that provides you with an ideal opportunity to not only increase your sales, but also increase your services opportunities. This guide helps you understand the new features of Office XP and identify how these features meet your customers’ needs. It also is designed to show you how to boost your margin by deploying, maintaining, and building custom solutions to enhance your customer’s work environment.

The tools and resources offered on this CD are specifically designed to help you navigate through that process. We've included sales and marketing, technical, service delivery, and customer training power tools to help you become more successful with Office XP.
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