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Microsoft Call Manager (1998)

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NameMicrosoft Call Manager (1998)
File NameCallManager.iso
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Product Description

Oct. 6, 1998, Microsoft Corp. introduced its first telephone, the Microsoft® Cordless Phone System, which uses the power of the PC to deliver unprecedented flexibility and ease for customizing call management and message services. The Microsoft Cordless Phone System is a 900MHz telephone designed for consumers seeking a convenient, versatile tool for managing home-based personal and business calls. Developed by combining Microsoft’s software and hardware expertise, the Microsoft Cordless Phone System extends the functionality of the Caller ID service offered by regional telephone companies and provides some entirely new capabilities.

Microsoft Call Manager Software Offers Multiple Benefits

Microsoft Call Manager software performs a variety of call-management functions. The software’s Enhanced Caller ID features allow users to create personalized greetings for different callers and block unwanted callers while letting high-priority callers ring through. The Caller ID Announce feature allows users to hear who’s calling through the handset speaker before picking up the phone.
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