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PC GAMEStrategyMyth II - Soulblighter (1998)
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NameMyth II - Soulblighter (1998)
File NameMYTH2.iso
Size652,982,272 bytes (622.7 MB)
NameMyth II - Unofficial hotfix 1.8 build 424
File NameMyth2_180.exe
Size14,883,946 bytes (14.1 MB)
Product Description

Myth II: Soulblighter is a 1998 real-time tactics video game developed by Bungie for Windows and Mac OS. Published by Bungie in North America and by GT Interactive Software in Europe, the game was also ported to Linux by Loki Entertainment. It is the second game in the Myth series, and a sequel to Myth: The Fallen Lords.

Set sixty years after The Fallen Lords, the game tells the story of the resurgence of Soulblighter, a supporting antagonist in the first game, and one of the titular Fallen Lords. Determined to defeat the forces of Light who vanquished his master, Balor, and conquer the free cities of the world, Soulblighter resurrects the Myrkridia, a race of flesh eating monsters not seen in over a thousand years. Standing against Soulblighter is Alric, the main protagonist in the first game, and now King of The Province, who must rally humanity to fight a war they never expected. Chimera is set ten years after Soulblighter, and tells the story of three veterans of the campaign against Soulblighter, who band together to fight a mysterious sorceress.

Soulblighter was a critical success, with reviewers feeling it improved on virtually every aspect of The Fallen Lords. They cited better, more detailed graphics, enhanced sound effects, more varied gameplay, better AI, more intricate and varied level design, and a more user-friendly interface and control scheme. Critics were also impressed with the improvements made to online multiplayer mode, and praised the variety of options available to players. They also lauded the mapmaking tools included with the game, which allowed users to create their own maps for both multiplayer gaming and single-player campaigns. The game also sold very well, considerably outselling the original, which had been Bungie's best selling game up to that point.

Myth II: Soulblighter is a real-time tactics game, and as such, unlike the gameplay in real-time strategy games, the player does not have to engage in resource micromanagement or economic macromanagement, does not have to construct a base or buildings, and does not have to gradually build up their army by acquiring resources and researching new technologies. Instead, each level begins with the player's army already assembled and ready for combat. During the game, the player controls forces of various sizes made up of a number of different units, each possessing their own strengths and weaknesses. In single-player mode, only Light units are playable, but in online multiplayer mode, the player can control both Light and Dark units.

At the main menu, hold down shift as you click "new game". All of the normal levels will be unlocked.

Hidden level
To play the level "A Long Awaited Drinking Party", you must play through the level "Down a Broken Path" until you cross the stream. When you reach the other side of the stream, head north instead of south until you reach a large body of water. There will be a rock in the water with three frogs sitting on it. Have your dwarf throw a molotov at the frogs and kill them. Then head south to Tallow and complete the mission. When you complete the mission, you will automatically begin the secret level instead of the next mission.
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