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PC GAMEMiscellaneousFable - The Lost Chapters (2005)(4CD)
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Product Details
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NameFable - The Lost Chapters (2005)(CD1)
File NameFable Disk 1.iso
Size560,386,048 bytes (534.4 MB)
NameFable - The Lost Chapters (2005)(CD2)
File NameFable Disk 2.iso
Size646,475,776 bytes (616.5 MB)
NameFable - The Lost Chapters (2005)(CD3)
File NameFable Disk 3.iso
Size485,634,048 bytes (463.1 MB)
NameFable - The Lost Chapters (2005)(CD4)
File NameFable Disk 4.iso
Size608,139,264 bytes (579.9 MB)
Product Description

Fable is a role-playing video game where players control their character from a third-person perspective. The main character, known as The Hero of Oakvale, can interact with people and objects as well as battle foes. The goal of Fable is to complete missions called quests that advance the game's plot, but Fable also features optional quests and allows players to pursue actions not directly tied to story completion.[3]

Most quests are acquired at a central location, known as the Heroes' Guild; required quests are marked with a gold symbol and advance the game's story, while optional quests are coloured silver and can be completed in any order. Some quests allow players to pick sides and aid either evil characters, such as bandits, or good characters, such as traders and guardsmen. Players can also boast after accepting a quest, wagering some of the quest's reward gold in exchange for a larger return if the player accomplishes their bet, such as sustaining no damage or undertaking the quest naked. Gold, which can be used to buy weapons and items, and renown, which affects the way townspeople react to the Hero. Heroes also earn trophies of their victories, which can be displayed to large groups of townspeople to earn more renown.
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