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SOFTWAREEducationalDK - Pinball Science (1999)
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NameDK - Pinball Science (1999)
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Product Description

Students will learn about various scientific principles as they go through the Inventor's Log - a fascinating view of the wonders of the world as explained by science. They then apply their knowledge to become mechanical engineers and design and build their own pinball games. Using springs, hot air balloons, gears and more, they learn science and gather more and more gadgets which they can use in building games. As the bumpers and obstacles of the game come together, their knowledge of science increases.


Magnetic Force
Simple Machines
Units and Measurements

Thousands of possible pinball game designs
45,000 words of text
Three difficulty settings make learning fun for a wide range of ages
Unique illustrations from award-winning children's book artist David Macaulay
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