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SOFTWAREEducationalDK - Virtual Reality - Earth Quest (1997)
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NameDK - Virtual Reality - Earth Quest (1997)
File NameDKEARTH.iso
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Product Description

An interactive adventure that takes you to the center of the earth.

A comprehensive resource for students interested in the Earth and the astonishing forces that continue to shape it.

Students can explore earth's landform types, build volcanoes, identify the causes of earthquakes and classify rocks, minerals and the geophysical forces that shape our world. Earth Quest creates a play and learn adventure environment bringing the geological world into your classroom. Students can create a 3D volcano, or set off an earthquake and watch its seismic effect on the surrounding environment. Students can even witness transformations of the earth¿s surface in an accelerated timeline. Photographs, audio, video, and text all combine to provide a comprehensive geological reference source. As dynamic and dramatic as the earth itself, Earth Quest is a perfect guide to geology, geophysics and earth science for all inquisitive minds. Includes colourful images, animation and videos.

Earth Quest makes learning easy beause it makes learning fun!
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