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PC GAMEShootingSniper - Art of Victory (2007)
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Product Details
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NameSniper - Art of Victory (2007)
File NameSAV.iso
Size670,896,128 bytes (639.8 MB)
Product Description

Sniper: Art Of Victory is a single person shooter based on the siege of Stalingrad.

In 1942 the 6th Army had surrounded the city of Stalingrad and laid siege. Though the battle was long and bloody but the Germans could not gain complete control of the city. Eventually the commanders of the Russian forces order a massive counter offensive which succeeded in smashing through the less effective Italian and Romanian troops protecting the 6th Army's flank, an action which enabled them to surround and eventually destroy the besieging German 6th Army and 4th Panzer division.

In this epic struggle the player takes the role of lone a Russian sniper who is stranded behind enemy lines. The game begins with a report from TASS the Russian news agency reporting that a plane of specialists has been shot down, it goes on to say that any survivors are expected to continue to fight and that anyone surrendering will be severely punished. The player's objective in this game is therefore clear, they must play through the eight missions in the game, ambushing convoys, blowing up anti-aircraft guns and so forth, fighting a lone war until they are able to rejoin their unit.

The game is mainly keyboard controlled with the mouse scroll-wheel being used to scroll through available weapons, and change the zoom on the sniper scope, The weapons can be fired via the keyboard or via the mouse.

There are two modes of play, Recruit and Veteran. In the Recruit mode the player has an aid which shows the predicted bullet impact point, this moves as the sniper breathes, as the wind varies, etc. This aid is not available in the Veteran mode.
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