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MICROSOFTMSDN Library & TechNetMicrosoft MSDN Library - January 2004 (VS2002)
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Product Details
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NameMSDN Library - January 2004 - CD 1
File Nameen_msdn_library_jan_2004_cd1.iso
Size673,652,736 bytes (642.4 MB)
NameMSDN Library - January 2004 - CD 2
File Nameen_msdn_library_jan_2004_cd2.iso
Size670,154,752 bytes (639.1 MB)
NameMSDN Library - January 2004 - CD 3
File Nameen_msdn_library_jan_2004_cd3.iso
Size589,197,312 bytes (561.9 MB)
Product Description

The January 2004 release of the MSDN Library is based on the latest release of Microsoft Help 2.0. The new MSDN Library viewer and file format allow the MSDN Library to be the fully integrated Help system within Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

The January 2004 Library is designed to be compatible as the fully integrated Help system for Visual Studio .NET. The January 2004 Library, and all future Libraries, will not integrate within Visual Studio 6.0 or earlier versions. If you are running Visual Studio 6.0 or earlier, the January 2004 Library may be used as a standalone product.
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