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Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95

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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Plus! for Windows 95 (4.40.425)(Repack)
File Nameplus_95.iso
Size33,193,984 bytes (31.6 MB)
NameMicrosoft Plus! for Windows 95 (4.40.310)
File Nameplus.iso
Size33,927,168 bytes (32.3 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95 was the first version of Plus! and included Space Cadet Pinball, the Internet Jumpstart Kit (which was the introduction of Internet Explorer 1.0), DriveSpace 3 and Compression Agent disk compression utilities, the initial release of theme support along with a set of 12 themes, dial-up networking server, dial-up scripting tool, and the graphical improvements such as anti-aliased screen fonts, full-window drag, the ability to stretch or shrink the wallpaper to fit the screen and highcolor icons. Task Scheduler as it is present in later Windows versions was included as System Agent. A utility to notify the user of low disk space (DiskAlm.exe) also ran as part of System Agent. Plus!
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