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MICROSOFTOperating SystemMicrosoft Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs (WinFLP)
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Product Details
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NameWindows Fundamentals For Legacy PCs (x86)
File NameWindows_Fundamentals_For_Legacy_PCs.iso
Size602,793,984 bytes (574.8 MB)
NameWindows Fundamentals For Legacy PCs With Service Pack 2 (x86)
File NameWindows_Fundamentals_For_Legacy_PCs_Service_Pack_2.iso
Size603,553,792 bytes (575.5 MB)
NameWindows Fundamentals For Legacy PCs MUI CD1
LanguagesTraditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean
File NameWindows_Fundamentals_For_Legacy_PCs_MUI1.iso
Size438,753,280 bytes (418.4 MB)
NameWindows Fundamentals For Legacy PCs MUI CD2
LanguagesArabic, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Modern Sort), Hebrew, Italian, Dutch (Standard), Swedish
File NameWindows_Fundamentals_For_Legacy_PCs_MUI2.iso
Size517,134,336 bytes (493.1 MB)
NameWindows Fundamentals For Legacy PCs MUI CD3
LanguagesCzech, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian
File NameWindows_Fundamentals_For_Legacy_PCs_MUI3.iso
Size324,272,128 bytes (309.2 MB)
NameWindows Fundamentals For Legacy PCs MUI CD4
LanguagesGreek, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese (Standard), Turkish
File NameWindows_Fundamentals_For_Legacy_PCs_MUI4.iso
Size365,998,080 bytes (349 MB)
NameWindows Fundamentals For Legacy PCs MUI CD5
LanguagesBulgarian, Estonian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Thai
File NameWindows_Fundamentals_For_Legacy_PCs_MUI5.iso
Size166,234,112 bytes (158.5 MB)
Product Description

Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs is a thin client operating system from Microsoft, based on Windows XP Embedded, but optimized for older, less powerful hardware. Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs is not marketed as a full-fledged general purpose operating system, although it is functionally able to perform most of the tasks generally associated with one. It includes only certain functionality for local workloads such as security, management, document viewing related tasks and the .NET Framework. It is designed to work as a client–server solution with RDP clients or other third party clients such as Citrix ICA.

Unable to set up WinFLP with a hard drive on Adaptec 1542CP SCSI controller.
This is a known issue between WinFLP and the Adaptec 1542CP SCSI controller.
There is no workaround for this issue.

Only BusLogic SCSI drive worked fine in VMware Workstation.
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