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Microsoft Works 3.0

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NameMicrosoft Works 3.0
File NameMMWORKS300.iso
Size60,618,752 bytes (57.8 MB)
Product Description

Microsoft Works is an integrated package software that is produced by Microsoft. Works is smaller, less expensive, and has fewer features than Microsoft Office or other major office suites. Its core functionality includes a word processor, a spreadsheet and a database management system.

Word Processor for writing and editing memos, reports, catalogs, form letters, mailing labels, and other documents.

Spreadsheet with Charting for computing financial status, projected revenues, year-to-date sales, budget forecasts, and other reports requiring calculations, and then representing them graphically.

Database with Reporting for collecting, organizing, and printing information on customers, inventory, invoices, payrolls, or other subjects.

share.exe was a program in DOS the allowed multiple programs to have the same file open; it wasn't used much in DOS, but was pretty well necessary under Windows 3.1. Since it was so important, Microsoft has Works 3.0 check to make sure it's there. The thing is, the functionality that was provided by share.exe under Win 3.1 is now provided by Win 9x automatically, so Works doesn't really need to have the share.exe file. All it needs is a share.exe file. What you do is fire up notepad, or some other text editor, and save a blank file in your windows directory (usually C:\Windows) called share.exe. Works will be happy, because it will be able to find the share.exe file, even though it really doesn't need it.
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