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Microsoft Hellbender (BIN+CUE)
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Product Details
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NameMicrosoft Hellbender (BIN)
Size646,567,152 bytes (616.6 MB)
NameMicrosoft Hellbender (CUE)
Size404 bytes (404 B)
Product Description

Hellbender is a 3D vehicle shooter that is a sequel to Fury³ and a descendant of Terminal Velocity. The player pilots this vehicle through a first or third-person view, going in any direction and shooting almost anything. Fly above the clouds to fight, fly near the ground to attack, and sometimes, dive into the tunnels to search and destroy. The player will be challenged by ground defenses, fighters, missile launchers, and much more -- even a few puzzles to solve, figuring out which switches open what. There are power-ups everywhere, but they have to be looked for. With ten different weapons to choose from, there are plenty of ways to deal out destruction! Even multiplayer is supported.


If you get an error while installing Hellbender, type this in the File Explorer adress-bar or in the Command-Line:

[G]:\setup\acmsetup /Z customui /T Furyw32.stf /S [G]:\

Where [G] is your CD-ROM or Virtual drive letter (remove the bracket signs: []).
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