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Atlantis - Evolution (2004)(4CD)

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NameAtlantis - Evolution (2004)(CD1)
File NameDisk1.iso
Size734,343,168 bytes (700.3 MB)
NameAtlantis - Evolution (2004)(CD2)
File NameDisk2.iso
Size734,371,840 bytes (700.3 MB)
NameAtlantis - Evolution (2004)(CD3)
File NameDisk3.iso
Size734,371,840 bytes (700.3 MB)
NameAtlantis - Evolution (2004)(CD4)
File NameDisk4.iso
Size715,405,312 bytes (682.2 MB)
Product Description

Atlantis Evolution is a 2004 graphic adventure game. It is the fourth in the Atlantis series by Cryo, and the first one made by Atlantis Interactive Entertainment, founded by former Cryo developers. Unlike the second and the third game in the series, the game revolves entirely around Atlantis.

In this adventure game your character is Curtis Hewitt, a photo-journalist, who has just finished an assignment in Patagonia and is on his way home aboard ship. In a terrible storm, the ship sinks and Curtis barely survives. Then suddenly his lifeboat is sucked down into the ocean by the swirling whirlpool. He finds himself in the heart of the lost city of Atlantis, a land of advanced technology and strange beliefs. Using items he finds along the way, Curtis must help the citizens overthrow the daunting gods and goddesses who rule them before he can return home.
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