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U.S.Most Wanted - Nowhere to Hide

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Product Details
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NameU.S.Most Wanted - Nowhere to Hide (BIN)
File NameMW.bin
Size801,072,384 bytes (763.9 MB)
NameU.S.Most Wanted - Nowhere to Hide (CUE)
File NameMW.cue
Size124 bytes (124 B)
Product Description

In this budget shooter, you play as Randall Joyce, a retired counter-terrorist operative, who takes it upon himself to bring to justice top criminals without being encumbered by government rules. Dead or alive, and by any means possible you will make them feel the cold hand of justice. From locations around the world, including Mexico City and Eastern Europe, you track down: members of a lost terrorist network, the Kingpin of a Mexican kidnapping ring, and war criminals among others.

You can play from both first- and third-person perspectives and the game features a realistic damage model indicated by an on-screen silhouette and depending on where you get hit, it will impact gameplay (i.e. being hit in the leg will slow you down). At your disposal is a large weapons arsenal, from pick-locks and knives to shoulder-launched missiles and grenades. Using a silencer or gun-mounted flashlight will help you locate and dispatch your targets but at the cost of less shooting accuracy and revealing your location to the enemy, respectively. You can move in 3 ways: stealth, jogging, or sprinting. You can also join multiplayer games for up to eight people in modes such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and "Most Wanted".
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