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Macromedia Flash MX

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NameMacromedia Flash MX
File NameFlash MX.iso
Size122,853,376 bytes (117.1 MB)
Product Description

Macromedia Flash MX is a software solution for developing rich Internet content and applications. The video, multimedia, and application development features allow users to create user interfaces, online advertising, e-learning courses, and enterprise application front-ends. Flash MX has a customizable, intuitive user interface with such features as panel layout, accelerator keys, and publish settings.

Timeline enhancements such as folders for organizing and accessing layered content, improved cursor feedback, and the ability to resize, cut, and paste multiple frames make it easier to use. The Property Inspector shows only relevant, context-sensitive settings when you work with tools and objects, reducing the number of panels open at any time. Select multiple objects and use the Distribute to Layers command to automatically distribute the objects to their respective layers. The new layers will be named based on the content selected.

New quick-start templates allow you to create professional-looking presentations, photo albums, advertisements, and e-learning content. Other new features include video support for any standard video file supported by QuickTime or Windows Media Player, Color Mixer enhancements, a Free Transform tool, and pixel-level snapping control. Flash MX also features a customizable ActionScript editing environment with customizable text display properties, syntax coloring, and toolbox panel content.
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