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NameLast Bronx (PC)(BIN)
File NameLB.BIN
Size730,063,152 bytes (696.2 MB)
NameLast Bronx (PC)(CUE)
File NameLB.CUE
Size1,090 bytes (1 KB)
Product Description

Last Bronx, also known as Tokyo Bangaichi in Japan, is a 3D fighter developed by Sega-AM3 on the Sega Model 2 arcade board. Last Bronx was actually one of the first 3D fighting games to use motion captured animation (Soul Edge being the other).

Last Bronx uses the same 3-button system used in the Virtua Fighter series (punch button, kick button, guard button). Characters can also use rolling moves, throws, and attack cancels (by hitting guard while attacking). In addition, certain button combinations are used for specials, combinations, and even taunts. The stages are set in various closed areas of Tokyo City, without any ring outs. However, fighters can jump on the barriers, which can result in a ring out.

Overall, the gameplay isn't quite as deep the other Sega 3D fighters from the time period... and of course I'm talking about Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers. While there are some decent combos and fun elements about the gameplay, it pales in comparison to many fighting games out at the time in terms of fun and gameplay mechanics. Looking back at it, it seems like an early attempt to do what Soul Calibur did for the fighting game genre when it launched.
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