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MICROSOFTOfficeMicrosoft Office 97 Developer Edition Tools
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NameMicrosoft Office 97 Developer Edition Tools
File NameODE97_US.iso
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Product Description

Microsoft Office 97, Developer Edition is specifically designed for Microsoft Office developers and administrators. The Office Developer Edition (ODE) provides tools to create, package, and distribute Microsoft Office applications, including:

·A royalty-free run-time distribution license that allows you to distribute copies of your application, including the Microsoft Access run-time licensing key and the Microsoft Graph 97 run-time executable file.
·An enhanced Setup Wizard that you can use to automatically create disks and compress files for distributing applications. The Setup Wizard creates a custom Setup program for your application that's a modified version of the Microsoft Access Setup program. The Setup Wizard helps you create Windows registry keys, add multiple files at one time, provide multiple icons for a single file, and integrate support for ActiveX controls.

·Microsoft Replication Manager and the Synchronizer, which you can redistribute, provide a graphical interface that you can use to create and manage replication systems, add replication scheduling to applications, and support both remote sites and mobile users.
·The Microsoft Access Source Code Control component, which integrates Microsoft Access with a source control system, such as Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. If you have a source control system, your team can develop Microsoft Access applications while keeping track of changes to objects over time.

·Building Applications with Microsoft Access 97 and the Microsoft Office/Visual Basic Programmer's Guide, two developer-oriented manuals that will help you create, maintain, and manage powerful Office solutions as quickly as possible.
·ActiveX controls, which expand the functionality of your existing Microsoft Office applications. The controls included in the Office Developer Edition include the TreeView control, the Common Dialog control, the ProgressBar control, and eleven other Windows 95 ActiveX controls.

·The Help Workshop for Windows 95, which now provides a graphical interface for creating Help files for Microsoft Access applications running with either Windows 95, or versions 3.51 and 4.0 of Windows NT Server and Windows NT Workstation.
·The Win32 API Declarations File and Viewer, which you can use to view and copy API declarations to the Clipboard for use in your applications.
·The Microsoft Office Developer Sampler CD, loaded with valuable reference materials for developers, including the Mastering Series Sampler and the Microsoft Office Developer Sampler.
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