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Windham Hil Tibet (1988)(DVD)

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NameWindham Hil Tibet (1988)(DVD)
Run Time51 min
Size3,768,752,128 bytes (3.5 GB)
Product Description

Mere mention of the word Tibet evokes images of a rich and magical country, its culture shrouded by a remote and inaccessible location. This program provides a look at the place called the "Roof of the World", a place where the heavens and the earth meet, and where centuries old rhythms continue. It is a brief glimpse of vast stretches of empty, high plains and snow-capped peaks. The monasteries and the monks who live there are the last of an ever diminishing religious culture which has no parallel in the West.

5.1 Remix from original multi-tracks supervised by Mark Isham. Audio commentary from Mark Isham.
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